A Stroll around Santorini

Beyond Petra and Wadi Rum

A Stroll around Chicago with kids

  • My-first-4th-of-July-featured

    My first fourth of July

    I left Italy and moved to the US on the 1st of July, several years ago. Maybe because of the excitement, I couldn’t sleep on the plane and I suffered my…

  • Why-I-miss-the-Everglades
    Be Inspired

    Why I miss the Everglades

    The Everglades National Park is the largest subtropical park in the United States, boasting rare and endangered species. This vast wetland extends along the southern part of Florida, and it’s difficult…


    Discovering Burano and Torcello

    Burano with its colorful houses, and Torcello with its stunning mosaics, are two must-visit islands when you explore Venice. Unfortunately, many travelers make the error when discovering Venice, of dedicating only…