Amalfi coast

  • Glamping-Sahara-desert

    Glamping in the Sahara Desert

    Have you ever heard about glamping in the Sahara desert? Or just about glamping? Glamping is the contracted world for glamorous camping and indicates luxury camping across the world. When I…

  • solo_in_the_sahara_desert

    Feeling the Sahara Desert

    It was after a journey of almost ten hours when in the distance I noticed that the flat, rocky land was now replaced by the soft, sandy dunes I have always…

  • london_street_art

    Street art on Brick Lane in London

    In the east area of London, where hipsters live side by side with the Muslim, street art is the greatest attraction. Along Brick Lane, visitors flock from every corner of the…

  • Lifestyle

    Inside the London Design Festival 2018

    Among my passions, design takes a special place. In my everyday life, I love leafing interior design magazines or creating Pinterest home décor secret boards. I admire my architects’ friends who…

  • best_italian_restaurants_london_featured image

    The best Italian restaurants in London

    As an Italian living in London, is it frequent for me to receive this food-related question: “What is your favorite Italian restaurant in town?” Answering is always tough for me. So,…

  • Meditating on a chubby cloud

    Meditating on a chubby cloud

    Lying on a smooth and soft white cloud under a ceiling made by a master painter of the Baroque era. This is what I did on Chubby Cloud, an art installation…