Kauai, Hawaii


  • Marrakesh charm_A stroll around the world
    Africa Travel

    Marrakesh between old and new charm

    There was a time when Marrakesh was an unknown destination for Western travelers. The exotic fascination a visitor could have experienced strolling around the Red City and the desert lands of…

  • Kasbah-of-Marrakesh
    Africa Travel

    Inside the Kasbah of Marrakesh

    It was during a hot, sunny day at the end of September when I drove into the former imperial city of Marrakesh. Tall red walls, or ramparts, protect the fascinating gems…

  • Essaouira_Morocco_UNESCO_World_Heritage
    Africa Travel

    The fishing village of Essaouira

    It was mid-morning when I arrived in Essaouira. After dawn, I left the red city of Marrakesh directed to discover the fishing village on the Atlantic made popular by 70s rockstars…

  • Glamping-Sahara-desert
    Africa Travel

    Glamping in the Sahara Desert

    Have you ever heard about glamping in the Sahara desert? Or just about glamping? Glamping is the contracted world for glamorous camping and indicates luxury camping across the world. When I…

  • solo_in_the_sahara_desert
    Africa Travel

    Feeling the Sahara Desert

    It was after a journey of almost ten hours when in the distance I noticed that the flat, rocky land was now replaced by the soft, sandy dunes I have always…